My Top 5 Restaurants in Buenos Aires

My Top 5 Restaurants in Buenos Aires

Here are my ‘Top 5 Restaurants in Buenos Aires’. I love eating out, and it’s inexpensive here in comparison to back home. I’ve ate at many of the top places, and here are my top 5 favourites. As a side note, all conversions are done on the ‘Blue Rate‘ USD vs ARP, not the government’s artificial rate.

5. Sudestada

Guatemala 5602 y Fitz Roy (4776 3777)

Sudestada is my favourite place to go for lunch. The menu del dia includes a fantastic salad with peanut dressing, a beautiful curry, and a tapioca pudding, along with a nice cup of wine all for 65 pesos. Of course you can pick and choose among other dishes, or beverages, but the above choices are my ‘go to’ for lunch. Great Asian flavour is served in a room decorated in clean and simple decor. The service is great; as is the value.

4. Las Cabras

Fitz Roy 1795 (5197 5303)

Las Cabras is possibly the best value you’ll find for Argentinean parrilla in Palermo. Two people can have a delicious cut of Argentine beef, a nice malbec, and a salad for under 200 pesos (~$25.) This place is always busy, so make sure to get there early, and be prepared to wait if you show up any time after 9:15pm. I recommend the bife de chorizo platter along with a side salad, and a malbec.

3. Sarkis

Thames 1101 (4772 4911)

Sarkis is an institution in Villa Crespo. This Armenian restaurant is huge with little flair in decor, but what it lacks in flair it more than makes up for in quality food. This is another place that is always busy. There’s probably 65 tables, and they’re always packed. Show up by 8:30 in order to avoid an hour long wait. My recommendation here is the hummus, baba ganoush, and lamb kebabs. Once again, pair this with a nice bottle of Malbec. All of this should come in for under 250 (~$35) pesos for two.

2. A Nos Amours

Gorriti 4488, Cross street Araoz (4897 2072)

A Nos Amours is a French bistro at its absolute finest. The servers, cooks, and owners are all French. The select menu changes daily according to what’s fresh at market, as any true French bistro menu should. I’ve tried the risotto, pork, and fish here, and all three are some of the best plates of food I’ve had in Buenos Aires. My recommendation for here is to trust the servers; ask them their recommendation, and let them guide your taste-buds. Two nice plates, dessert and a bottle of wine will set you back about 240 pesos (~$33.)

A Nos Amours French restaurant in Buenos Aires.

A Nos Amours French restaurant in Buenos Aires.

1. Pura Tierra

3 de Febrero 1167 (4899 2007)

Pura Tierra was named the ‘Best New Restaurant in Buenos Aires 2007’ and the ‘Best Chef in 2008’. The decor is spectacular and elegant. You feel like you are in a high class New York City restaurant while dining. The musical soundtrack is jazz, which is emitted from a high quality sound system. Everything in this place shows that the finer details were taken care of; from the service to the music, to the food, everything is top notch. If you’re looking for a great meal in a spectacular ambiance, head to Belgrano for a meal at Pura Tierra. My suggestion here is the caramelized pork. Wow! Not to be missed. Two plates with a nice bottle of wine will be about 330 pesos (~$45.)

An artistic plate of food at Pura Tierra.

An artistic plate of food at Pura Tierra.

There you have it, my ‘Top 5 Restaurants in Buenos Aires’, now go out there and try them for yourself. Tell me what you think once you have. For more great reasons to visit, check out my Buenos Aire Top 5.


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