Jaywalking, It Just Makes Sense.

Jaywalking, It Just Makes Sense.

Jaywalking makes sense.

Plain, and simple.

Crossing the street while being observant, and watching out for your own personal safety is how things should be done.

None of us want to die.

This may sound like common sense to the majority of the world.

And it is.

However, here in my beautiful home of Calgary, Canada it will get you strange looks, social out casting, and possibly a ticket.

I write this because I fundamentally believe in my right to do something if it’s not causing harm.

Jaywalking is not causing harm.

When I cross the street, I don’t want to die.


I put my phone away, I look both ways, and I make sure that no thousand pound pieces of metal are going to hit me at 50+ km/h.

That’s what I do, because in many of the places I’ve lived you won’t live long if you assume you’re safe crossing the street.

To be ticketed for me moving freely about my day is absurd.

I say this because last week 90+ people were ticketed for . . . you guessed it, crossing the street.

I understand that this was a construction zone.

I understand that the intent of the police was to protect people.

I get it.

However, how about you protect the people of this great city by stopping people from doing this “illegal” activity instead of hiding at the end and handing out $115¬†fines?

It’s absurd.

I have made a pact to jaywalk now whenever possible. If the road is clear, I will cross.


Happy jaywalking friends.


Don’t walk. Ya, sure.

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