Hot Chocolate and Cheese a Bogota Culinary Staple

Hot chocolate and cheese? Yes, hot chocolate and cheese. This is a Bogota breakfast staple; and it’s delicious. I know what you’re thinking “you’re crazy”, and I don’t know why we need to keep going over this. Yes, I’m crazy, but it doesn’t change the fact that Bogota’s breakfast staple is delicious.


A gourmet play on the classic.

Before coming to Bogota I had heard that it was common to have hot chocolate and cheese for breakfast, usually with bread to dip in the combo. I thought this sounded weird and disgusting, as many of you readers I’m sure are thinking. However upon arrival in Bogota, I had to try it. I mean I had ate ants, so no matter how weird or terrible this Bogota delight was, it couldn’t be any worse or weird than eating roasted ants.

How it’s done.

One Saturday afternoon after going to the Gold Museum I went to the most famous place in town for this delicacy: La Puerta Falsa. La Puerta Falsa is an institution in Bogota. It’s a 200 year old restaurant that has been serving hungry government leaders and scoundrels alike (occasionally the same person.) It’s famous in Bogota for being the best place for hot chocolate and cheese. It didn’t disappoint.

A Bogotana, Madrileño, and Calgarian trying this Bogota special.

It’s delicious, and the reason why is all three elements, the bread, hot chocolate and cheese all work together. The hot chocolate melts the cheese, then the bread is drenched in chocolate goodness and melted cheese. It’s fantastic. In fact, I want to start every day with this. Too bad it’s not exactly the healthy way to start the day. I guess I’ll just have to indulge while in Bogota.

How to Get Your Own Hot Chocolate and Cheese from La Puerta:

Address: Calle 11 No. 6-50 in La Candelaria, Bogota

Hours: 7am – 11pm Monday thru Saturday

Cost: 5,000COP ($2.70) for a huge mug of hot chocolate, big chunk of cheese, and plenty of bread.



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