Happy Canada Day! | Top 5 Reasons I Love Canada

Happy Canada Day! | Top 5 Reasons I Love Canada

Happy Canada Day!

I love our nation! Canada is an amazing place, and one which I feel lucky to call home. On this Canada Day I decided to outline my Top 5 Reasons for loving the country I’m from.


A backcountry hut in Canada's Rockies.

A backcountry hut in Canada’s Rockies.

5. Opportunity

There are few countries in the world with the economic opportunities which are offered in Canada. We have a high standard of education, great health care, solid infrastructure and a robust economy. These attributes allow our people to pursue their dreams, and make a better life for themselves and their families.

Canada is a meritocracy.

If you work hard at educating yourself, and truly try to make something of yourself, then Canada will provide. Few places in the world give positive feedback as generously as is given in Canada.

BC's Provincial Museum

BC’s Provincial Museum

4. Safe

As Canadians we take our own personal safety for granted. We walk the streets of our biggest cities at all hours of the night without much worry. We have a relatively non-corrupt government and police force which are usually on our side. Our country is so safe that Americans make jokes about us leaving our doors unlocked (many of us do.)

Safety is a beautiful thing. Safety allows us to pursue our lives, and purchase personal possessions without the constant worry of personal harm or theft. Most countries in the world don’t offer this luxury.

Mountain Biking in BC's rainforest.

Mountain Biking in BC’s rainforest.

3. Adventure

Canada being the second largest country in the world means there is a lot to explore. Even our motto embodies the grand nature with “From sea to sea to sea.”

We’re the only country on earth with coastline on three different oceans. Think about that. Our country has so much land that it borders three of the five oceans. That’s a lot of land.

That is also a lot of adventure to be had. Whether as Canadians we are exploring by bicycle, skis, canoe, 4×4, airplane, train, or car, there is a lot of adventure to be had.

Our nation as we know it was founded by adventurers. Adventure is a part of the Canadian spirit. Let’s go explore the beauty we have across this nation.

A totem pole on Vancouver Island.

A totem pole on Vancouver Island.

2. Multicultural

Whenever I go travelling I find it weird that there isn’t a diversity of people in that given place. I know before going (in most cases) that it won’t be near as diverse as Canada, but I still find diversity to be the standard; not the other way around.

I love the diversity of the people of Canada. Canada has done multiculturalism (in my opinion) better than any other nation. Canada’s largest city, Toronto, has more people living in it who were born outside of Canada’s borders than born within them. It is the only city on earth with this distinction.

This cultural diversity shapes Canada. It shapes everything about Canada. The ideas, ethics, politics, fashion, innovation, and culinary mosaic within our vast borders are all shaped by the diverse backgrounds of our people. I love this about Canada, and I miss it when I travel.

Upper Lake Kananaskis in winter.

Upper Lake Kananaskis in winter.

1. Beautiful

One of the defining features of Canada is its vast beauty. Canada has one square kilometre per a Canadian citizen. That’s more space than any other nation on earth.

The lack of human impact has left much of Canada an untouched, vast, beautiful wilderness. There are beautiful places around the world, but few match the vast scale of beauty which is seen in Canada. I have been on ski trips where I haven’t seen another human being for three days. There aren’t too many places where you could do that.

We also have beautiful cities. Vancouver looks like it is a post card from the future. Toronto is built on the banks of one of the world’s largest lakes. Montreal has one of the most stunning city centres in all of North America. Calgary has mountains framing the sky scrapers which rise from the prairies. Winnipeg, well, not everywhere can be impressive.

Seeing a Canadian icon in Toronto.

Seeing a Canadian icon in Toronto.

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