Cost of Living Seville | Cost Breakdown for Sevilla Spain 2013

Cost of Living Seville | Cost Breakdown for Sevilla Spain 2013

Here is a cost of LIVING Seville, Spain; not just surviving. The prices are indicative of my time here, which has been from October 2013 to December 2013. As a note, all of the prices are in Euros, which at the current exchange are worth 1.35USD. Here’s the main things you’ll be spending your money on . . .


Housing in Seville is a comparable bargain. The larger cities of Barcelona, and Madrid are much more expensive, as is the Basque country and Valencia. The cost of living in Seville is also a bargain in comparison to many cities in the USA, Canada, Australia, or East Asia. The apartments here are generally modernly equipped, but rarely have central heat and air. There are many charming apartments in the very large old city centre (which is where I’ve chosen to live.)

A narrow street in the city centre of Seville.

A narrow street in the city centre of Seville.

Here’s a list of neighbourhoods which I would recommend in Seville. I would highly recommend staying as close to the centre as you can. Everything happens in the old city.

Casco Antiguo





The grocery stores in Sevilla are very well equipped, and carry a variety of delicious local and international products. The best pork in the world is from southern Spain, and you will find it in spades in the grocery stores. The tapas culture in Seville is alive and well.

The food in Seville is fantastic, and the servers, unlike in Madrid, are very friendly and helpful. You can expect to pay about 2.50E for a tapa (small plate.) I’d say the average person will need about three tapas for dinner, depending on the size of the tapa.

An appetizer sized plate of Spanish tapa.

An appetizer sized plate of Spanish tapa.


Seville has no shortage of entertainment options. For a city of just a million people, you can find something to do most every night. There’s everything from the beautiful and powerful flamenco, to tapas bars, to modern clubs. Seville doesn’t quite have the Buenos Aires nightlife, but it’s only 1/13th the size, so it holds its own considering.

A professional flamenco dancer performs.

A professional flamenco dancer performs.

So what will partying till dawn in Seville cost you? A high end night club will set you back about 5-10E for entry, and the beers will be about 4E. However, for drinking in the street, or hanging out at the local bar the beers are about 1E for 200ml.


There is a metro in Seville, but I’ve never had to use it, everything is just so close. If you live near the centre, the furthest you’ll need to go is a couple of kilometres. There are public share bike rentals everywhere, and the subscriptions are quite reasonable (I believe it’s 30E/year.)

If you do need to take a cab however, it will be quite expensive. A 4km ride will cost you about 12E.

Seville is well connected to the rest of the country through high speed train to Madrid, Cadiz, and Cordoba, along with slower trains to many other destinations. There are also frequent buses (pretty slow,) and a ride share service that many people use called BlaBlaCar.


Cost Breakdown of Three Different Standards of Living


Housing in a shared flat in Macarena, or somewhere just outside of the center.


Eating at home, buying only local groceries

150E – 200E

Drinking in the streets, house parties, and cheap cultural experiences


Occasional bus, walking, and cycling


Cost of Living Seville on a budget

460E – 560E


Nice furnished shared apartment, or a basic furnished place for yourself

300E – 500E

Eating at home half the time, and going for tapas the other half

300E – 400E

Going out to clubs occasionally, out frequently, and occasional flamenco shows

300E – 450E

Once again, transport won’t be much. Maybe a couple taxis if it is far


Cost of Living Seville on a mid-range budget:

925E – 1375E

High Rollin’

A beautiful furnished apartment in Nervion, or the Centre

1100E – 1400E

Eating out for every meal, and going to the fanciest restaurants

800E – 1000E

VIP tables at top clubs and general ballin’

1000E – 2000E

Taking cabs whenever needed (once again, probably won’t factor to much)


Total cost of LIVING Seville like a baller

3100E – 4600E


Seville is a great city to live in, and I’d highly recommend spending some time here. However, remember that the weather here can be very harsh. Seville is the hottest city in Europe, and temperatures can reach over 50C (120F) in the summer.

Another city which I would consider one of the best cities to live in in the Spanish world is Buenos Aires. The cost of living in Buenos Aires is slightly lower, and it’s a very different place than Seville, but also the funnest city I’ve ever lived in (and that list is pretty long.)

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