Colombian Coffee Zone Cycling Tour: Day 3

Our Colombian Coffee Zone Cycling Tour took us from Riosucio to Pereira, Colombia on day three of our tour.  It was by far the longest journey of our trip so far, at 115kms.  The day was a near perfect day of cycling, with amazing views, some good climbing, a world-class decent, great food, close friends, and a little hammering on the flats.  Not much more a cyclist could ask for, other than maybe a Pinarello and a personal masseuse.  Until that day, I guess I’ll have to settle for epic days of cycle touring Colombia.


Yes we climbed all that . . . now for the descent.


Question for the cyclists: Have you ever descended for over 1500m continuously on any given descent?  In the past three days I’ve had a 1600m descent and a 2000m descent.  The roads here are truly unimaginable without seeing them for yourselves.  It’s an amazing thing to behold a ridge ride overlooking the coffee zone, with green on every side, while descending on quite well kept roads that curve better than Sofia Vergara.  Yes, this is cycling in Colombia’s Zona Cafetera.


The fleet ready to fly.

On this given day I had drugged myself up enough to mask the pain of the previous two days.  This facilitated some serious hammering on the false flat downhill.  We made such great time, that our original destination of La Virginia just didn’t seem like enough of a ride, so we kept pushing the extra 25kms to Pereira.  We arrived at our hotel just before dark after 115kms of riding.  Our longest day yet.


Refueling after a long day.  Yes those are cheese covered burgers.

Totals for Day 3 of the Colombian Coffee Zone Cycling Tour

-115kms of cycling

-450 vertical meters of climbing

-1500m of descending

-Zero rain

Day 3’s Route


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