Zona Cafetera Colombia: Top 5 Things to Do in the Coffee Region

Top 5 Things to Do in the Zona Cafetera / Coffee Region of Colombia


5.  Riosucio

Every two years this beautiful town holds one of the most unique festivals in Colombia: Carnaval del Diablo. When they’re not partying with the devil, they are enjoying some of the most beautiful views in Colombia from their hillside town. One strange fact about Riosucio is that it’s the only town in Colombia with two churches facing each other.

One of the two churches in Riosucio that face each other.

4. Salento

Salento is a hilltop town in between the Zona Cafetera cities of Pereira and Armenia. The nearby Cocora Valley is a trip within itself, but Salento alone is worth the visit. It’s a great little town, with some amazing views.

The river in the valley below Salento.

3. Hot Springs of Santa Rosa

The town of Santa Rosa de Cabal is nothing fantastic, but the hot springs, or thermals, that are situated just outside of town are truly spectacular. We only visited the Termales de Santa Rosa, but there is a second hot springs to visit, the Termales de San Vicente. The Santa Rosa Hot Springs are closer to town, and we had heard that they’re more beautiful, hence choosing to visit them.

The beautiful Hot Springs of Santa Rosa.

2. Cocora Valley

The Cocora Valley outside of Salento is truly one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited. I had seen pictures, but none of them had done it justice. To see the national tree of Colombia, the wax palm, in all 65m of glory is a true Colombian travel experience. A day here will be a highlight of your trip to Colombia!

1. Hacienda Valencia Coffee Farm

The reason I put the Hacienda Valenciacoffee farm as my top pick for the Zona Cafetera is because it gives you true insight into the heartbeat of the region. Coffee is obviously everywhere in the Colombian Coffee Zone, and this farm is a relaxing stay, in a beautiful setting, with an informative tour available. There is nothing more typical in the Zona Cafetera than a trip to an active coffee farm.

The porch of this beautiful coffee farm house.


There you have it, my top 5 favourite places in the Zona Cafetera in Colombia. This region is probably my favourite area in all of Colombia. Enjoy!


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