Perfect Weather in Medellin, Colombia

Today was kind of cold here in Medellin.  And by cold, I mean about 21C.  This is by no means actually cold.  I come from Canada.  We know cold.  However, the Paisas are not aware, and can not comprehend “true cold”, which means:

When it’s 21C, this is cold.  

They know no other.  It’s known as “La Ciudad de Eterna Primavera” or “The City of Eternal Spring.”  However, since they do not know of these things called “temperature variances” that much of the rest of the world experiences, they end up believing that a 4 C deviance from what they’re used to is crazy.  For example, if it’s 30C on a given day in Medellin you will hear “que calor!” or “what heat!” throughout the day.  The same can be said for the other end of the Medellin meteorological scale.  If it’s a high of 20C on a given day you will see people breaking out sweaters, jackets, and boots that resemble what a typical Canadian would wear in -5C.


 At 20C Paisas in Medellin like to think that their city looks like the above photo.

At 30 C they all wish they were on a beach walking around in their bathing suit.   Which for the record I would be OK with.  Yes, there are a lot of beautiful women here in Medellin.

As a Canadian I find the lack of temperature variances kind of weird and disturbing.  The whole year melts into one big season of spring.  The trees start to bloom, and I have no clue why they chose to bloom now over say two months from now.  People will tell me “it’s mango season” and I have no context as to why they are growing this month instead of  December.  The people in Medellin truly have a near perfect climate to live in, and I believe it’s human nature to find something in the weather to dislike.  Since there’s not a whole lot to dislike about the weather in Medellin, the Paisas have to be more selective on what “perfect” weather is.  From my experience here a perfect day for a Paisa is 26.31416 degrees Celcius with the sun shining and a light breeze.  Anything varying greater than a 1.53235 C from their perfect temperature is justification to complain.  Enjoy your day.  Even if it is a cold one.


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