Pueblos Around Medellin

Sunday I was invited to go on a “puebliar” with my Paisa friend Carolina.  A “puebliar” is essentially a day of traveling to the towns, surrounding the city (in this case pueblos around Medellin,) and enjoying the pueblo life for a day.  Carolina’s parents were nice enough to lend her a car for the day, so we were set for a great day of puebliando.

 Some Paisas enjoying a day of riding.

Our first stop was at a little tienda on the side of the road to grab some delicious empanadas. While eating our empanadas we witnessed another activity that city folk love to do during their weekends: horseback riding.  There’s apparently many places offering a nice weekend ride around the hills and pueblos surrounding Medellin.  On top of this, the caballeros (horse men,) from around the town will ride in on their horses (remember caballo en espanol, not cebolla,) and show off in the town square with fancy trotting and other tricks.

If you look closely in the above picture there’s a participant in another Paisa favourite activity: cycling (left hand side of the picture.)  There was a mountain bike race going on this day.  Looked like fun, but didn’t get any good pics of the participants.

Church in El Retiro.

Of course our first stop was for mass at this beautiful old church in the town of El Retiro – and by mass I mean a drink at the bar around the corner from this church.  It may be beautiful, but I think I had my fill of Sunday mass as a child.

Here I am with la bonita Carolina in the town square of San Antonio de Pereira.  

A Colombian “Willy” Jeep outside of the Coffee Zone.


The above truck is used in the coffee plantations to transport the beans.  Here it was being used as a transportable espresso outlet.  I happened to indulge.

 Each of the town squares were offering donkey rides for the kids.  Very cute.


This guy could do more with his feet than most of us can do with our hands.  Amazing!  Those drawings were all done by foot.

In our final town square of El carmen de Viboral, there was a theatre troupe that was half from Bogota, and half from California giving a performance.  It was an interesting piece of fantasy, interpretive theatre.  They were on stilts fighting each other.  I came late, so I didn’t really get much else of what they were doing.

So there you have it, a typical Sunday Pueblier of pueblos around Medellin in Antioquia Oriente, or East Antioquia.   I had a great time visiting the little towns outside of Medellin.  I like this Paisa tradition!  The towns were packed with Paisas from Medellin, and bustling with life.  Colombia es lleno con vida!  Colombia is full of life!




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