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I want to ask you a couple questions:  “What comes to mind when you think of Medellin?  Are there any distinct pictures?”  I would like to hear your thoughts in the comments area.  I know before I came to Medellin I thought of a few things: salsa dancing, beautiful women, Pablo Escobar, and a season of Entourage.  One thing I did not think of, however, was the world-class public art Medellin possesses.  Well I was in for a surprise upon arrival.

Fernando Botero, an artist whose paintings and sculptures demand some of the highest prices of any living artist is from right here in Medellin.  He is proud of his city and his country, and has donated an amazing amount of his work to the City of Medellin, El Museo de Antioquia (the Museum of Antioquia,) and to the Museu Botero in Bogota.  This, despite the fact that he could sell these pieces for millions.


He is known for his unique depiction of people; let’s call it cartoony fat.  In Spanish it is literally called “Los Gordos” or “The Fats”.  It’s not a style that everyone enjoys or finds attractive.  Personally I think it’s an interesting and unique perspective.  Luckily, if you are a fan of his work you can see his work in places such as the entrance to a Metro station, which is where this massive painting can be found.  If you don’t like his work, well I guess you can stay in Canada.



The art, however, does not stop at Botero.  I have found some of the best graffiti art anywhere here in this city.  There are enormous murals covering entire city blocks, as well as smaller pieces, such as the one below.  I know it is terribly surprising that I would take a photograph of cycling, cyclists, or cycling art, but there you have it, a picture of cycling graffiti taken by yours truly.  Who knows what will happen next, I may even ride a bike!  There are some better pieces of graffiti in the city, and I will try to post them in a later post.

I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride my bike.


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