Portraits from Carnaval de Barranquilla 2

Experiencing festivals, parties, carnavals, dinner parties, and any other form of social fun brings out the best in celebrating life.  The best parts of the human condition are evident in these times.  For a few days we can put aside social standings, global problems, losses and pain in order to celebrate life.  In fact, the whole reasoning behind the Venetian masks during Venice’s Carnaval is to mask the social standing of the person behind the mask, so that everyone could party as equals.  I hope that the following pictures give you a better idea of the life and joy that are so evident at this event.

Thanks to Marcello (in the black) for taking today’s photos.  I was one row further back, and therefore couldn’t take as good of photos.  This picture is of the five of us enjoying the parade together.  I had another foam battle with Candy’s little daughter, Maria.  Very fun.

I couldn’t imagine trying to balance a glass bottle on my head for an entire parade route while dancing up a storm.  The cumbia is an amazing and beautiful dance.


From 2 to 92 all Carnaval-goers were having a great time!  This guy was practicing his moves.  I think he has the idea.

Elaborate costumes abound.  Amazing visual experience.

I love this woman’s smile.  So authentic and beautiful.

An example of a dance troupe showing their moves.

Marcello and Maria doing their best Blues Brother impression.  She was adorable.  And quite the little warrior with a foam spray can, too.

Another amazing smile on a dancer.  There were definitely no shortage of mega-watt smiles on the parade route.

I think the guy in this pairing is in awe of the beauty of the woman he was paired with, since he doesn’t seem to be moving.  I don’t know if guys in Colombia are aware of just how beautiful the women are in their country.  Hopefully these portraits from Carnaval can help demonstrate this beauty to the world.


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