My Professional Soccer / Football Goalie Taxi Driver

Ever got in a cab and seen your favourite athlete at the wheel.  No, me neither.  Nor would it happen, other than maybe seeing Allen Iverson considering his bankruptcy and all, in most countries.  I doubt that a pro athlete would be happy with their retirement condition.  I’d imagine it would be hard after playing in front of millions of fans during their careers to spend retirement driving a cab.  Well today I got in a cab in Barranquilla and met Jon, the former goaltender, for eight years, of the Barranquilla Juniors.  Amazingly friendly guy, who loved meeting people.  He loved his job for this reason.  Cabbies have provided some of my favourite encounters while in Colombia.  They’re usually up for a good chat with their gringo passenger.  Jon was no exception. People here embrace life like few others.  Jon was so happy to share pictures of his wife, stories of his kids, and places he had traveled while playing for Los Juniors.  Next time you’re in a cab, check twice, maybe your favourite athlete of years past is behind that wheel.

Me with former Juniors goalkeeper Jon, and current taxi driver.


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