Metro in Medellin Colombia

The metro in Medellin Colombia is truly a remarkable accomplishment for the city.  It’s a crown jewel, in an already beautiful city. A functioning, clean, and efficient metro is the sign of a modernity around the world.  Much of South America, however, lacks the convenience of any metro system, never-mind one that resembles the metro in Medellin.

The Medellin Metro map.


The metro in Medellin has two trains, and two gondolas (or metrocables) that compile a total of four distinct lines.  The fare is 1,800COP ($1) and that fare entitles you to go anywhere on the metro line.  It is also possible to get a frequent rider card that you can recharge.  This makes each trip much quicker, and saves you a few hundred pesos per a direction.

The train arriving at Station Estadio.


The stations are all open air, because well, the weather in Medellin is perfect year round.  It also allows for the fantastic views of the surrounding mountains that are available from pretty much anywhere in the city. For an even better view of the surrounding mountains you should take the chance to transfer to one of the two metrocables. Don’t worry, it’s all included in your fare!

Medellin’s Metrocable overlooking the city.

One of the most popular tourist journeys while in Medellin is to take the Metrocable ride to see the city from above. It allows for amazing views of the whole valley, and doesn’t cost anything more than your one way Metro ticket.  Medellin won international awards for it’s transit system.  The Metrocable connected some of Medellin’s poorest barrios with the rest of the city.  This cut some of the poor people’s commute down from over two hours one way, to under 30 minutes. Function, beauty, and a tourist attraction all packed into one piece of civic pride.


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