Medellin Colombia Tango

Medellin Colombia Tango

Medellin Colombia has tango? Yes. In fact there’s a history of tango in Medellin. Unfortunately the complexity of this beautiful dance has been lost on the younger generation, but there are still a few triumphant dancers that keep this art-form alive. Gracias a dios (thanks to god.)

The promotional poster for the performance of tango in Medellin in which I attended.

On the 31st of May I attended a tango show at the theatre in the University of Medellin. The show was called “A Puro Tango” and it featured some of Colombia’s finest tango dancers, musicians, and singers. The theatre is a truly modern and beautiful facility, and made a host location for the show.


Unfortunately not her dance partner.

I know Tango’s home and heart is in Buenos Aires, but the beauty of the dance has inspired others around the world to learn and take up the dance. The fact that Paisas like to differentiate themselves from the rest of the country, made for a perfect breeding ground for the dance in Antioquia’s capital. Along with this, one of tango’s most famous singers, Carlos Gardel, died in Medellin Colombia. Medellin carried on the tradition of Carlos Gardel in the best fashion they knew how: embracing the dance he lived for.

Carolina and I with a pair of the dancers.

On this particular night it was all about the exhibition of this sensual dance, and the music that accompanies it. The tango show was a four act piece that embraced the seasons of the year combined with the signs of the zodiac. In true tango fashion it was a sexually tantalizing journey put on display by these gifted artists. If you don’t feel like grabbing the closest person of your persuasion and doing the “horizontal tango” after watching this show, you should check yourself for a pulse – you may be dead.

For More Information on Tango in Medellin Colombia

The Tango Medellin website has a very comprehensive list of information on the subject (although in Spanish.)

Here’s a few bars that have regular tango:

Salon Malaga: Cra 51 #45-80

Casa Gardlienia: Cra 45 #76-50

Cafe Bar “CanTango”: Calle 19 #22-20

Salon de Eventos – A Puro Tango: Calle 44 #65-51

Bar Torrente: Cra 47 #53-67 in Bello



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