Magical Minca Colombia

For my last night in the Sierra Nevada region I took the advice of my mountain bike guide/friend Tom Wilkinson of Elemento to stay in the town of Minca Colombia.  He told me it was “magical”.  How could I not spend some time in somewhere that was “magical’?  So I made my way up there.  This sounds like something easy to do, but to get there I took a “moto”, which is literally taxiing by becoming a passenger on a motorcycle.  Yes, you ride on the back.  Sorry, I don’t have any photos of this.  12,000COP or about $7 and a bit under an hour later I was in Magical Minca Colombia.


This is where I stayed for my night in Minca: Oscar’s Place.  If you want to relax, with amazing views of the Caribbean, clean accommodations, and a great outpost for Sierra Nevada adventures, then this is the place for you.  Great star gazing too.



Minca is known as being one of the best places in the world to start a bird watching tour.  There’s the largest variety of bird species in the world in the surrounding area.  I was interested to see some of these tropical birds.  From the balcony of a local restaurant I saw this little friend, a parrot (loro,) as well as some hummingbirds. By some, I mean more than I’ve ever seen before.  There were probably fifty of them flying around.  Magical.


Sunset through the foliage.


This stream is on Oscar’s property.  It’s only a few minutes away.  While on the path to the river I saw two toucans in the jungle foliage.  It’s truly. . . magical.


Another pic of the stream.


This is the view from the shower at Oscar’s Place.  Ya, not bad.


There’s a lot to do from Minca.  Some great waterfalls are only an hour walk, or 10 minute mototaxi ride away.  There’s a bird sanctuary further up the mountain.  The area is also famous for some of Colombia’s best drug: coffee.  There is one plantation here that utilizes equipment over 100 years old in order to pick, and roast their beans.  Every time the machine breaks down they need to fabricate the part.  It’s apparently a brilliant system, using aqueducts to transport the beans down the hill to be dried and roasted.  I definitely want to go back and explore this area more.  That’s the problem with Colombia: there’s so much to see; or as the Travel Colombia site says: “The Only Risk is Wanting to Stay” o en espanol “El solo riesgo es te quieres quedar.”


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