Eating Ants in Bogota Colombia

“You were eating ants in Bogota Colombia? Did you run out of pesos to buy real food?”  That would be a reasonable question to ask a sane person after they told you that they were eating ants in Bogota. I, however, am not a sane person, so the question is not pertinent.

The nice lady selling ants . . . to eat.


My friend Sergio and I were walking down the street in the Candelaria region of Bogota near Bolivar Square when he asked me if I wanted to try ants. We were speaking Spanish, so I wasn’t quite sure if I heard him right, so I asked to confirm. Sure enough, the young lady on the corner was selling fried ants.

A closeup of my “delicacy”.


I had heard about this unique “delicacy” before, but thought that you could only find these ants in the Santander region of the country. I had wanted to try them, just because I could, so when Sergio offered I couldn’t say “no”.

Where these ants came face to face with my mouth.

I didn’t look closely at the ants before eating them, I just asked Sergio to start shooting a video to capture the moment. If I had examined them closely, I may have thought twice before popping them in my mouth.

 The proof of me eating ants in Bogota Colombia.

The taste was quite honestly nothing to be desired. They tasted like salty dirt in all honesty. Crunchy, salty, dirt. Not exactly a culinary delicacy in which I’ll be going back for seconds. However, I had to try, I mean how many other opportunities are you going to have in your life to be eating ants in Bogota Colombia?


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