Colombian Coffee Jeeps : The Willy’s

Colombian coffee is grown in mountainous and challenging terrain. Colombia is number two in coffee production in the world, and the world’s top producer of higher quality Arabica beans.  In order for the Colombian coffee to be produced, the workers need to get to the fields.  Their transport comes in the form of The Willy’s.


The Willy’s are a fleet of old Jeeps that are the workhorses of the Colombian Coffee Region.  They transport bags of coffee to market, they bring the workers to and from the fields, and in rare occurrences they take tourists to hard to get to tourist spots.



I found The Willy’s to be very artistic.  Each one of them is brightly painted, and many of them have a unique hood ornament such as a bulldog or horse.  With The Willy’s function and beauty have merged.

In Colombia each license plate has the city in which the car was registered right on the plate.  In the coffee region you see more of a diversity of plates, since people are more transient in this part of the country.  In Medellin it’s rare to see a plate that isn’t registered in Medellin and surrounding area.

The above pic was probably my favourite photo of a Colombian Coffee Jeep Willy.  I love the horse hood ornament, with the fire engine red Willy and the pretty colonial square framing this workhorse of a vehicle.


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