Colombian Coffee Farm: Hacienda Venecia

Colombian coffee is more than just a cup of Joe to wake you up in the morning.  Colombian coffee is a way of life, an institution, a brand, an art form, and a business.  Colombia is known around the world for quality coffee.  I wanted to know more about this industry that is so important to Colombia, as well as the loyal drinkers around the world. This curiosity brought me to the coffee farm Hacienda Venecia, just outside of Manizales, Colombia.

This is how their coffee is transported around the world, minus the frame.

We arrived at Hacienda Venecia in a rather odd fashion.  My friends and I were cycling from Santa Rosa de Cabal to Manizales when we stopped at a roadside rest stop to admire the view and catch our breath.  While at the rest stop I asked one of the beautiful attendants “who has the best coffee in the region?”  She was quick to offer me a card for Hacienda Venecia and told me they offer tours as well as a beautiful place to stay a night.

 A walk around the farm.

Hacienda Venecia was only about 3kms away from the rest stop, but it was down a dirt road in the valley we had just climbed up. We didn’t see any signs, and weren’t really sure if we were headed in the right direction.  We asked a few people, and eventually found the place. We were warmly welcomed by Juan, the fourth generation owner of this beautiful farm. He was very impressed to see us on our bikes, and told us that he’d never turn away cyclists, even if there was no free space.

Wilma enjoying the hammock after a day of cycling.

We got cleaned up, took our bikes inside, and set about resting in a hammock with a freshly roasted, ground, and brewed cup of espresso.  For those of you who don’t know me well, coffee is a demi-god to me, which only food, water, and long rides on a beautiful bike are held in higher regard.  If you want to piss me off, feed me bad food, crappy coffee, and steal my bike. Thankfully my hammock wasn’t trying to piss me off, and neither were the people at Hacienda Venecia.

My demi-god, roasted to perfection.

Hacienda Venecia is set in a beautiful valley with a coffee plantation surrounding a beautiful home turned into a guest house/hostel. There’s a swimming pool, comfortable beds, palm trees, unlimited coffee, and a nice woman who will feed you for a reasonable price.  If you’re looking for a great place to relax and stay in the Colombian Coffee Zone, look no further than Hacienda Venecia.


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