Club de Cocina: Kitchen Club Night in Medellin

One of the great things about the place I live in (and there’s many things to like) is the Wednesday night “Club de Cocina”.  Every Wednesday night in Medellin we host a number of our friends living near us.  It’s a great mid-week celebration of food and friends.  This week we were in in for a treat at the hands of master Quebecois chef, Dominic.  What’s on the menu you ask? (or you didn’t, but I’m going to tell you anyway.)
A romaine, prosciutto, caramelized onions, and parmesan, topped in olive oil treat for the taste-buds to start us off.
Plato Principal
Pork leg topped with tomato, feta, basil and olive oil.
Steamed carrots in a variety of spices.
Scalloped potatoes.
A coconut ball covered in chocolate.


These nights are great for practicing my Spanish.  Many of the people that join us know English, but I have great policewomen/moms here to ensure that I don’t slip into a food coma and start speaking English.  I give them a hard time sometimes about their police work, but I truly appreciate that they’re looking out for my best interests.

Amazingly, their police work is even in effect when they aren’t around.  For example, right now we have some friends of one of my roommates staying here for about a week.  The first night that I came home and met them, my roommates were not around.  I was stumbling through my Spanish, which is a common occurrence for me, and I could see that Elena was doing everything she could to refrain from switching the conversation to English.  At this point I knew that she had been instructed that a condition of stay was that English was off-limits with me.  Rehashing this story in my broken Spanish brought out some laughs.  Was it with me or at me?  Probably a bit of both.

I enjoy these evenings so much, that I hope to replicate these evenings wherever I am living.  They’re a great, inexpensive way to enjoy fantastic food with equally fantastic company.  It’s also much more fun cooking for others.  This night saw 14 club members enjoy what Dominic had to offer.  Dominic was a bit overwhelmed by the number, but with some help from the club, it was pulled off without a hitch.  Tres bien Dominic!  Merci beaucoup!


So how much does a night like this cost in Colombia?  We bought all the groceries, a bottle of wine, and some beer for a grand total of 130,000COP which equates to about $70.  That’s $5/person to feed everyone a gourmet quality meal.  Not bad, I’d say.


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