Cartagena Colombia Bars and Convents

I have gone on the majority of my travels on my own.  There are definite advantages to this form of travel, as well as disadvantages.  I love Cartagena, but this is most likely a city best explored with others.  There are many articles on the advantages and disadvantages to solo travel, and I’m not going to get into that here.  I just preface this article with the fact that sometimes you just want to hang with some people, and not be on your own.  It’s one reason hostels are so great, because you can meet people from around the world that are also traveling.  Yesterday I met a group of Argentinians that I have gotten along with really well.  In my small amount of South American travels it seems to me that Argentinians are the most traveled from this continent.  This is a round-a-bout way of saying: today I spent much of my time with some fellow travelers from Argentina.
When I wasn’t spending my time with the Argentinians I was buying my way out of sin at the Convent de la Popa.  Luckily my money was going to a good cause and they put it towards some much needed gold, which there’s a picture of further down.


I’m sure the above view was the exact same view that they saw when building the convent in the 17th century.  And you thought the pyramids were incredible!


I took many photos of the arches surrounding the courtyard here.  Truly a photographer’s (or amateur blogger’s) paradise.  So many angles to capture the plants, arches, and well.

My money in good use.  As you can see I wasn’t the only one supporting the noble cause.

That night I went to Cafe Havana for a little rum, a little dancing, and a lot of fun.  I loved the decor here.  Maybe it was the rum, but I felt like I was in Cuba.  Probably the rum.

And here are my Argentinean friends.  Believe it or not, Damian is not as drunk as he looks.  All for the camera.

And I’m off to Carnaval de Barranquilla.


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