Bouldering on the Beach in Colombia

This one’s for all of the rock climbers/boulderers out there.  I’m not a climber.  In fact I have problems climbing stairs never mind a rock face, but I have a lot of friends who are passionate about this beautiful sport.  While hiking along the beaches of Tayrona I saw some amazing boulders, and thought to myself “this place is truly a boulderers paradise”.  This thought was in between “dios mio it’s hot here” and “this is paradise”.  Soooo, if anyone wants to come to Colombia for a visit, I’d gladly spot you on these beaches.  And by spot I mean lie on the beach, with a beer, gawking at your skills from under a palm tree.  I know; I’m a good friend. You can thank me when you arrive.

 White sand, and cracks.  I think you climbers would like this.


Not a bad view while bouldering on the beach of Colombia.
All kinds of fun lines to try here.


Interesting lines here too.


 More rocks to entertain yourself while bouldering on the beach.
For you climbers who like a challenge, this looks like a tough one.



From what I’ve heard, climbers hate crack climbs with a perfect finger hold.  I could be wrong.  If I am, this may be a nice line.


There was chalk on this boulder.  The crack went horizontally across the entire boulder.
This is where I’ll be watching you from.
For many of my readers, this post was just a bunch of oversized rocks on a beach.  But for the climbers out there, this may have piqued an interest in climbing in Colombia.  Click these links: El Penol, or Guatape if you are interested in a crazy climb on some bigger rock.

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  1. Theo
    April 12, 2014 at 5:52 pm

    Hi. Very nice post! I’m in Cartagena in Colombia right now going to taganga. And those boulders on that beach sounds amazing. Could you tell me a bit more about where in Tayrona it is? It looks like quite a big park. Email me on of you can. It who’d be so cool :)


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