Botero Statues in Medellin, Colombia

The two most famous living sons of Medellin are both named Botero: Santiago and Fernando.  I am a big fan of both Boteros. Santiago, for his other-worldly feats on a bicycle, and Fernando for his other-worldly feats with bronze, and a paintbrush.  My incredible skills have been demonstrated to you beautiful people through the many articles I have written.  To demonstrate Fernando Botero’s incredible skills I took some photos of some of his finer works.  Enjoy.


 Woman Lying Down

All Botero statues and paintings are named very literally.  This piece, for example, is “Woman Lying Down”.  He is a creative genius, but apparently the creativity didn’t transfer to the naming of his works.



Here’s a bit of a panoramic view of a few Botero statues in the park.  You can see “Woman With Fruit” in the foreground, and “Adam” and “Eve” in the background.


Here is a front few of  “Woman With Fruit”.

 Adam and Eve

Here “Adam” and “Eve” are staring each other down.  I’m sure Adam is thinking “We’re going to be skinny once you get us kicked out of the Garden of Eden.”


Everyone loves the “Dog” another statue with an extremely unique name.  One of the things I love most about this amazing public space is all the people from young to old getting excited about their favourite piece of Botero bronze.


 Horse With Bridle

Another common use for Botero statues seemed to be as a place to rest for many of the local Paisas.  I had tried to get a shot of “Horse With Bridle” on its own, but it was impossible.  I think it turned out better this way, with the street life as part of the energy of the statue.


 Man Being Walked On

This one is “Man Being Walked On”.  The guy on top is surprisingly cut for a “gordo”.  Botero’s works have been called “los gordos” or “the fats”.  I know it’s challenging to see where this comes from, but for some reason the name stuck.  This Botero statue, however, is surprisingly cut for a “gordo”.

How to Get to The Botero Statue Park in Medellin:

By Metro:  Take the main metro line to the Parque de Berrio stop, and you won’t be able to miss it.

By Taxi:  Ask the driver to go to “Parque de Los Esculturas”.

Not that you’d want to, but it’s not a good idea to go here at night.


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