Bogota Colombia: From Hellhole to International Leader

Thanks Kathryn McKenzie of the Worldviews Project for introducing me to this documentary.  It intricately shows the history of how Bogota Colombia has changed from a “hellhole” to a vibrant city with international investment, and functioning amenities.  Here are some stats from the transformation:

-1.6 Million Bogotanos use the rapid bus system daily.
-400,000 Bogotanos use their bike daily.
-A 22% drop in personal automobile usage.
-1,100 new neighbourhood parks.
-15 New libraries, with more than 400,000 weekly users.
-All major roadways are car-free on Sunday mornings.
-98.5% of childern go to school.
-All residents have electricity, water, and sewage in their homes.
-Traffic deaths dropped by 50%
-Homicides dropped by 50%

To see how all of this was done, watch the following:

Part 1/6

Part 2/6

Part 3/6

Part 4/6

Part 5/6

Part 6/6


What Bogota Colombia has done in the past 20 years is nothing short of amazing.  This documentary has outlined extremely well how it was accomplished.  Medellin has had a similar transformation.  To think that the city I live in was a literal narco war zone just 20 years ago is amazing.


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