Belgium Brass Band in Colombia

I’m currently in a small backpacker town on the Caribbean Coast of Colombia called Taganga.  It’s central feature is a whole bunch of travelers, hostels, and SCUBA dive shops, with a pretty beach at the edge of town.  It’s nestled into a cove on the edge of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, the tallest coastal mountain range in the world.  It’s highest peaks reach a snow capped 5700m.  On Friday night, in this unique backpacker village, I stumbled upon a unique band; a travelling twelve piece Belgium brass band, Les fanfoireux.  They had an amazing sound that reminded me of one of my favourite cities: New Orleans.  At one point the power in the town went out, so they were just jamming in the dark.  Very cool.
Some Colombians enjoying the foreign sounds of the band.


You can see six of the band members here, which was just over half of the band.

I’ve finally found someone taller than me in this country.  He was the bass sax player.  He stands at 205cms or about 6’9″

Enjoy this clip I took of just how awesome and random an eleven piece Belgium brass band on the beach can be!


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