Chicaque Park: A Bogota Colombia Daytrip

The Chicaque Park is a short distance from Bogota and a world away from the hustle and bustle of the capital. I was invited one Saturday by a local friend to go and explore this natural reserve and park just outside of the cities limits.


Upon arriving at Parque Chicaque you take a jeep a few kms to the entrance along a dirt road. This is included in the entry fee to the park, and is much better than having to walk along dirt roads for an hour.


The jeep that takes you to the entrance.

Once at Chicaque Park gates you are shown an aerial view of the park to give you an overview of what to expect, and where you may want to go. You are also offered a guide to hire to take you to the parts of the park you’d like to see in the most efficient manner. The cost of the guide was 40,000COP ($23) for the full day. We chose to have a guide accompany us, and with eight people it was quite economical.

The view from the first lookout.


Only a short walk from the gates of Chicaque you are greeted with a fantastic panoramic view of the valley and surround mountains. It’s worth the price of admission alone, and I’m sure many non-hikers come just for this view.

The pre-Colombian path we hiked on.


The hiking within the park is predominantly along ancient pre-Colombian paths that were used by differing indigenous groups of the area. These paths take you through a dense jungle foliage that is home to sloths, monkeys, butterflies, and a variety of birds.


The panoramic of Chicaque Park.

Getting to Parque Chicaque

It’s unfortunately very difficult to get there. We took a bus from Bogota’s south bus terminal to the town of Soacha, then a different bus from Soacha to the park entrance. If you can afford a taxi, it would probably be worth it. An estimate for arriving by taxi would be about 50,000COP.



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