Canada: A Tropical Paradise Destination

Canada: A Tropical Paradise Destination

It may come as a surprise to many that Canada, my home and native land, is a tropical paradise.

Sure the north pole is a part of our grand and majestic territory, but so are the beaches of Lake Winnipeg.

It’s frequently asked/said while I’m travelling “Canada, isn’t it cold there?”

If only these people knew the soaring temperatures that are experienced during a chinook in Calgary.

Are they not aware that it can reach 6 or 7 degrees Celsius in January?

Look! They've put lines in the sand so you won't get lost.

Look! They’ve put lines in the sand so you won’t get lost.

It gets so warm in Canada in the winter time, that many people flee the scorching heat in order to get to more agreeable climates; such as Siberia or Antarctica.

People are probably also not aware that there are no palm trees in Canada.

We can’t grow coconuts.

Nor do bananas find our clime agreeable.

It’s just too hot.

For a solid six months of the year it’s so warm that we’re forced to put on pieces of clothing stuffed with feathers, just to insulate ourselves from the unforgiving heat.

But we’ve survived, and we’re heartier for doing so.

Temperatures that sore to 28C in the summertime don’t even merit a drop of sweat.

This tree died from the heat.

This tree died from the heat.

And I wouldn’t recommend travelling to Canada in the summertime, not unless you are prepared to suffer through a Vancouver heat wave, where a funny yellow thing appears in the sky for 15 days and lights up the world’s most beautiful city.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

It’s so hot in Canada, that we have white sand fields. And it’s lighter and softer than any sand you’ve ever seen in Hawaii.

White sand for as far as the eye can see.

White sand for as far as the eye can see.

In fact, it frequently covers the majority of our country.

Our sand, however, is a little temperamental, and seems to disappear around April.

Or May.

Or June.

 So, if you’re ready for temperatures that sore to -5C on a clear day in January (maybe,) and could reach 30C in mid-July.

At three in the afternoon.

For twenty minutes.

Then you are prepared for the splendour of our tropical paradise.

If not, go to somewhere less threatening.

I’ve heard that there’s a pleasant climate in Haiti.

In all honesty, my country is stunningly beautiful.

In all honesty, my country is stunningly beautiful.

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