Botero Buenos Aires: A Piece of Medellin in BA

Botero Buenos Aires: A Piece of Medellin in BA

So while I was walking along a major street of Buenos Aires I saw something familiar to me.  Familiar to me in Medellin.  I looked over, and there it was: a very distinctly Botero statue standing proudly in the park there in Buenos Aires, the other side of the continent from Medellin.  I thought to myself “Botero Buenos Aires? Fantastic!”  You see, Fernando Botero is probably Medellin’s most famous living son. His pieces of work are some of the most sought after pieces of art of any living artist.  His art regularly sells for millions.

 The Botero Statue in Buenos Aires.

He’s famous for sculpting and painting figures that are distinctly overweight or “Gordos”.  This statue was no different.  A distinctly gordo torso.  It brought pride in me for a city that I consider a second home.  A shining example of one of Colombia’s finest, displayed prominently outside of Colombia.  Hopefully in the years to come Colombia is known more for it’s art, culture, and people than for it’s infamous bad side.  I believe that Botero is a shining example of what Colombia could be known for.  With time, I believe Colombia’s stigma will change.  Hopefully I can play a small part in this change of thought in the outside world.


Unfortunately the man that is most synonymous with Medellin and Colombia.


For more on Botero there’s an amazing feature in the Medellin online newspaper “El Colombiano” on Botero.  It’s in Spanish, but for my monolingual readers Google Translate is fantastic.  Plus, the pictures speak a thousand words.



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