Alberta is Beautiful

Alberta is Beautiful

Alberta is beautiful.

I sometimes forget this in all my travels. While hiking Ciudad Perdida, dancing tango in Buenos Aires, or paragliding over Rio de Janeiro I don’t always remember just how awesome my province is in Canada.

I love coming home to Alberta.

My brother and I enjoying a laugh.

My brother and I enjoying a laugh.

Alberta is not only home, it’s an amazing place. It is a land that is full of friendly people, that inhabit wide open spaces that go all the way to the majestic Rocky Mountains.

Since getting back home about three weeks ago I have had the opportunity to reconnect with many of the amazing people that make this place my home.

As for Alberta as a tourist destination, I don’t think that Albertans should be discounted in the equation. Within my travels the people are a huge part of my trip. When people come to Alberta they will find smiling, friendly, polite, and clean people. This just isn’t the case around the world.

My friend Kaymin finishing off a big climb in Kananaskis Alberta.

My friend Kaymin finishing off a big climb in Kananaskis Alberta.

The land that we as Albertans have been granted custody over is a unique place in the world. We’re gifted within our borders majestic mountains, sweeping prairie views, and vibrant cities.

Not many places can boast that kind of diversity. 

When I took my first solo trip outside of Canada’s borders 12 years ago I was told that New Zealand is a clean and friendly place. I got there, and I didn’t really understand why everyone was trumping this as a unique feature. You see, I had grown up with those features being the standard, not an exception.

However, the more I travel, the more I realize that friendly people and clean cities are not the standard. Medellin is probably the only city I visited in South America that I’d call ‘clean’. It’s also home to some of the friendliest people on earth. I guess it’s why I’d consider Medellin a second home.

One of the iconic things about North America is the road trip. The big open roads with cheap fuel prices (compared to the rest of the world) are a draw to drive. Alberta is a beautiful place to road trip. Once you leave one of our two cities, you will encounter well maintained, wide roads, which is good, because it may be hard to keep your eyes on the road.

Alberta Sunrise

Of course to truly take a road trip, the side roads trump the main thoroughfares every time. Driving south through ranch country on what is aptly named ‘Cowboy Trail’ you may think you are in a movie with the ranch lands to your left, and the Rockies to your right.

You wouldn’t be wrong in thinking that Hollywood had started filming you either. Alberta’s majestic scenery has been the backdrop to almost every modern western, as well as movies such as Die Hard, James Bond, and X-Men.

Hollywood knows a good thing when it sees it. I mean look at Amanda Bynes.

All joking aside, Alberta is beautiful. I am privileged to call this my home, and invite you to come visit. Just don’t litter.

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