25 Things to Love About Buenos Aires | Part 4

25 Things to Love About Buenos Aires | Part 4

Welcome to installment number four of my ’25 Things to Love About Buenos Aires.’ It’s an amazing city, and we’re getting down to the best parts! So enjoy reasons ten through six on why this is such a fantastic city!

10. Clean Air

Buenos Aires (directly translated to: ‘good airs’) indeed does have ‘good airs’. It is the 17th largest metropolitan area in the world, with a population of over 13 million people. I’ve visited some of the world’s other mega cities, and the air here is incredibly clean in comparison. You never feel like you are sucking on an exhaust pipe; which is impressive considering the city’s size. This fact highly adds to the quality of life.

9. Strolling the Streets

Buenos Aires is a people watching paradise. The mix of rich and poor, the beautiful and the not-so much. The amazing architecture, beautiful trees, unique shops, huge parks, abundance of street art and the pulse of one of the world’s largest cities is something that is best taken in by foot. It’s a true walkers paradise – well almost, the sidewalks leave something to be desired.

Recoleta Buenos Aires

The streets may be busy, but they’re lined with fantastic buildings!

8. Parrilla

A classic Porteño fiest. Think of every piece of red meat that you’ve ate in the past year. OK, now put that on one plate. That’s a parrilla. Oh, and they eat it in one sitting. Come to the table with an empty stomach and open arteries.

7. Botanical Gardens

The Buenos Aires Botanical Gardens (Jardin Botanico) is one of the best botanical gardens I’ve ever visited. The place is a sanctuary of relaxation in the middle of a bustling, busy city. What’s particularly unique and beautiful about these gardens is the abundance of statues placed around the park. It brings a piece of man-made beauty to a natural environment. I’d also recommend getting to the eucalyptus section of the gardens. The smell is like the aroma therapy in the air at a high end spa.

The lily pond in the Buenos Aires Botanical Gardens.

The lily pond in the Buenos Aires Botanical Gardens.

6. The Parks

Similar to number seven on the list, but truly it’s own entity is the park system in Buenos Aires. There’s huge trees, trimmed grass, lakes, rose gardens, gigantic monuments, and many Porteños. The parks are easily accessible from the parts of town where most foreigners stay (namely Recoleta or Palermo.) Pass a day with a yerba mate, take a stroll, sun bathe, play some soccer (futbol,) or whatever else floats your boat. It’s a great way to spend a day. Free too!

Artisans and trees. You'll find both in Buenos Aires' parks.

Artisans and trees. You’ll find both in Buenos Aires’ parks.


There are my reasons ten through six on ‘Things to Love About Buenos Aires.’ What a city! Now I’m off to breath in the clean air, while strolling the beautiful streets on my way to the Botanical Garden. I won’t have a parrilla until later, but I’ll need to do more walking through the parks if I deserve a parrilla.

Ahhh Buenos Aires. . .

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