25 Things to Love About Buenos Aires | Part 2

25 Things to Love About Buenos Aires | Part 2

This is a series of five posts on my ‘Top 25 Things to Love About Buenos Aires.’ It’s an amazing city, with much to love. Here are numbers 20 to 16.

20. Subte Entertainment

It brightens my day when I hear a banjo playing on the subway (or as they call it, subte.) Everything from a drum and guitar duo, to a trumpeter. I love music, and I love it even more when it’s unexpected.

19. Diverse Neighbourhoods

Buenos Aires has an array of amazing neighbourhoods to explore, each with its own unique feel and characteristics. From the glamorous and elegant neighbourhood of Recoleta to the nouveau riche neighbourhood of Puerto Madero, to the gritty cobblestoned barrio of San Telmo. There’s a little of everything. To party, however, Palermo is where you’ll end up.

The Puerto Madero upscale neighbourhood seen through an old train bridge.

The Puerto Madero, the upscale neighbourhood seen through an old train bridge.

18. Fashion

You know how polo shirts have become business casual around the world? Well when was the last time you saw a polo match? The influences of polo (which no one in the world is better at than Argentines) adorns the streets of Buenos Aires. Having trouble picturing it? Think of your latest Ralph Lauren ad. This is what high fashion in Buenos Aires looks like.

17. Sidewalk Cafes

Want to admire the beautiful people that walk the streets? Sit down at one of the many sidewalk cafes, order an espresso or a jarrito (a little bigger than an espresso,) and watch the world go by. You could imagine, while sipping your coffee or sparkling water (all coffee is served with this here) that you’re in Paris. I guess there’s a reason why Buenos Aires has the nickname of the “Paris of South America.”

One of thousands of sidewalk cafes in Buenos Aires.

One of thousands of sidewalk cafes in Buenos Aires.

16. Cultural Diversity

Coming from Canada, it seems like Buenos Aires lacks cultural diversity, however, in the context of a South American city, there is plenty. There’s a Barrio Chino (Chinatown,) a flourishing Italian community, the largest Jewish community in South America, the largest mosque in Latin America, and a large number of Latin Americans from across the continent. Buenos Aires is not London, Toronto, or New York, but it’s diverse in comparison to other Latin cities.

A fountain in the Buenos Aires Mosque.

A fountain in the Buenos Aires Mosque.

There you have it, my reasons from 20 to 16 of ‘Things to Love About Buenos Aires.’ I’m going to go now and find some musicians on the subte to give a few pesos to, while on my way to the sidewalk cafe in a unique neighbourhood, where I’ll drink my jarrito, all the while watching the culturally diverse Porteños walk by in their stylish wear.

Ahhh Buenos Aires.

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