25 Things to Love About Buenos Aires | Part 3

25 Things to Love About Buenos Aires | Part 3

Continuing with my theme of ’25 Things to Love About Buenos Aires’ here are reasons 15 through 11. Enjoy accordingly. Come visit to experience them for yourself!

15. Porteno Spanish

Terribly hard to understand? Si. Fast as can be? Claro. Filled with slang that is unique to Buenos Aires? Obvio. However, despite its ‘flaws’ it’s a beautiful version of an already beautiful language. Spanish (or Castellano as Porteños like to call it) dances off of their lips like a tango dancer, and sings like Carlos Gardel.

14. Cheap Public Transport

Need to get from San Telmo to Palermo? That’ll be 2.5 pesos (35 cents) please. I have never been to a city with public transit as cheap as Buenos Aires. This is, of course, subsidized heavily by the government, but it makes for a reasonably fast, semi-reliable, very affordable way to get around the city. (Notice how I didn’t say ‘clean’ or ‘comfortable’ as descriptors for this mode of transport.)

13. Free Museums

The only museum in the city where you’ll need to pay an entrance fee is the MALBA. The Museo de Bellas Artes (fine arts) is a fantastic museum, with an array of art from Argentine and European artists. There was even a special Carvaggio exposition in December.

12. Pastry Shops

Every half block you can buy croissants (medialunas as they call them here) and hand made chocolates. Is it a good idea to stop at every one of these? Probably not. Are they delicious when you do have a sugar craving? Sure are.

An example of the delicious goodies to be found. Mmmm dulce de leche.

An example of the delicious goodies to be found. Mmmm dulce de leche.

11. The Wine

Malbec and Mendoza. Two famous names in wine the world over. Well, enjoying wine in Buenos Aires is inexpensive and delicious. A bottle of nice Malbec that would cost you $30 in Canada will set you back about $8 here. Want a bottle of wine with your steak at the local restaurant? They start at many places at about $6 and top out at about $18.

So there you have my reasons from 15 to 11 on ‘Things to Love About Buenos Aires.’ I’m now off to practice my Porteño Spanish on the bus on the way to the Museo de Bellas Artes, before I visit a pastry shop to buy some medialunas to accompany my Argentine wine.

 Ahhh Buenos Aires.

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