Roa: He’s An Animal (on the Street Art Scene)

Roa: He’s An Animal (on the Street Art Scene)

Roa is one of the world’s most famous street artists. He’s from Ghent, Belgium, and paints large scale scavenger creatures. His work is predominantly in black and white, and has a dark, morbid feel to it. He says that he enjoys painting local scavengers, and finds their role in the circle of life to be beautiful and intriguing. I’m a big fan. I’ll let you decide what you think.

Roa’s raven. Slightly larger than a real one.

I saw this piece when I was on the Street Art London Tour. Griff, our guide, told us that Roa painted this piece in stages, and made a stop motion film on the changes. The raven went from whole, to it’s innards showing, to the skeleton that you see. It was an interesting audiovisual to go along with the beautiful impression he left on the building.

Roa’s Rat in East London

Keeping with his theme of scavengers, here’s a large rat. I tend to find rats disgusting, and this is probably the first one that I’ve ever encountered that I’ve liked.

Hamster? By Roa.

I find it amazing how detailed his work is. I’d love to watch him paint. I’ve heard he’s very fast, finishing a piece like the above one in a couple of hours.

Not really sure what they are.

I’m guessing the above painting is of squirrels, but I’m not really sure. Cool nonetheless.

Roa’s Rabbit in East London.

For this picture I was lucky enough to capture one of London’s iconic red buses in the photograph. Roa’s rabbit is so realistic you can almost picture it hopping off the wall, and onto the bus. Now that’s something I’d like to see!

If you’re in London, and wondering how to find all of these amazing pieces, I’d highly recommend both the Street Art London Tour, and the Street Art London app. Griff, the owner of Street Art London is tireless with his work, and probably the most knowledgeable guy in the city on the topic. The app is fantastic, with GPS, photos of each piece, and an overview of each artist. It’s worth the $4.99, in my opinion it’s worth even more.


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