Jimmy C in London

Jimmy C in London

Jimmy C is one of my favourite artist in the world. This guy makes street art that is beyond belief. He has a unique way of painting that I would call “street impressionism.” With the use of small dots, and dripping paint he makes vividly colourful portraits. Someday I want a piece of his work on my wall. Until that day, I’ll have to go to the streets to admire his work.

Jimmy C’s depiction of Usain Bolt.

The above piece was actually put up illegally, but he did it with such pizzazz that no one questioned him. I guess when you show up with a fork lift that costs £1000/day to rent, no one asks for your permit. The city liked this illegal piece enough, that they didn’t paint over it once they found out. I think that was a smart choice.

Another Jimmy C.

I love how this piece has a surreal aspect, with all the floating bubbles, but yet she still looks so real and vivid. Stunning.

A smaller Jimmy C piece.

This one was in the doorway, with a near identical piece facing it on the other side of the doorway. Our guide on the Street Art London tour told us that this piece signified the crushing weight of the city on it’s people. Interesting depiction.

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