Roa Buenos Aires Street Art | Roa’s Two Newest Pieces

Roa Buenos Aires Street Art | Roa’s Two Newest Pieces

The Buenos Aires street art scene has two brand new incredible pieces by one of the world’s most famous artists, Roa. Roa, from Ghent, Belgium, was in Buenos Aires for about a week and a half to start of 2013 in style. He’s truly one of the world’s greatest street artists, and his newest pieces did not disappoint.

Roa's Sloth

Roa’s ‘Sloth’ hanging out in Villa Crespo.

Roa has pieces around the world, but I believe these are his first pieces in Buenos Aires. I loved his work while I was exploring the street art in London, and his newest work is equally impressive. He primarily paints in black and white, puts up pieces with extreme speed, and his favourite subjects to paint are normally forgotten animals that are local to where he’s painting.

Rio's Sloth in Buenos Aires

Another perspective of the sloth hanging out.

When I found Roa’s sloth, I stood and admired it for a few minutes. It’s just as amazing as his work that I saw in London. It’s scale, use of the contour of the wall, and strokes with the spray can are truly something to behold. Another thing I love about his work is just how realistic he’s able to make his subjects, while only using black and white.

Roa's Walrus in Buenos Aires' Villa Crespo

Roa’s Walrus in Buenos Aires’ Villa Crespo

Roa enjoys studying the animals before he paints them. I wouldn’t be surprised if he went down to Mar del Plata to observe walruses before painting this one. It’s part of the reason why his works are so realistic.

Roa and Ever in Buenos Aires

Roa working beside the local artist ‘Ever’. The collaboration is called ‘The People Feeding Communism to the Beast.’

Roa has added two fantastic pieces to the Buenos Aires street art scene. The scene here is continually changing, innovative, and amazing. Roa’s newest works add to the claim of Buenos Aires being one of the best places in the world to find world-class street art. The likes of world famous Blu, Aryz, and Roa are proof that this city is on the cutting edge of the world’s street art scene.



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