All Girl Graffiti Gathering: Hermanas Paredes

All Girl Graffiti Gathering: Hermanas Paredes

I went to an all girl graffiti gathering on Saturday. I was on the Buenos Aires Street Art Tour when Matt, the guide/owner invited me. The event happened to be in a questionable part of town. It wasn’t the ‘hood, but it wasn’t Recoleta either.

The feature photo, above, is of street artist Mickey. She was the only artist there on this particular day who prefers to not show her face. She has some pretty dark pieces elsewhere in the city, but this one was more cheerful.

Cuore, a very talented local artist here in Buenos Aires.

A train, a subway, and a  cab driven by a psycho later and we were at the festival. We got lucky to have perfect light for the wall that they were painting on, so the photos came out really well.

Morazul from Bogota, Colombia painting her colourful surfer.

Once we had arrived, we were greeted by all the artists; many of them bikini clad. Matt is very well known in Buenos Aires’ street art and graffiti scene, and he does a fantastic job of promoting their work. He’s invited to all the events, and promotes the artists both in Buenos, and internationally. It’s a perfect symbiotic relationship.

La Wife showing off her bling.

The canvas for this given day was a huge wall that housed a manufacturing plant. Each artist was given their own space to paint. A crowd of locals gathered to watch the festivities, and to see art come alive in front of their eyes.

Very cool Japanese inspired street art by Anamalito.

It was a fun event, on a beautiful day, with attractive artists, painting fantastic pieces. A pretty good event by all accords. I truly enjoyed meeting some of the artists, and to watch them paint. It’s rare to see an all girl graffiti meeting, and I think it helps bring a welcome (and attractive) face to the art-form.

Estallido de Color showing off her work.

It was a jam-packed day of graffiti. I took over 200 photos of unique pieces of art on the streets of Buenos Aires. There’s a reason why this city is one of the world’s leaders in street art and graffiti. The art is supported by the government and people. It’s seen as a legitimate art form, instead of vandalism. For example, a law that makes the art much easier to spread in Buenos Aires, is that it is completely legal to paint your property in what ever form you see fit. Therefore, as long as an artist has permission, they can put whatever they feel like up on the side of a house. I doubt we’ll be seeing that in the Notting Hill neighbourhood of London anytime soon.

A panoramic of the day’s work.

A big thanks to Matt, and all of the fantastic female artists at this event! I had a blast seeing all of  you paint, and was honoured to be taken by Matt of Buenos Aires Street Art Tour. I’d highly recommend taking a tour with him when you’re in town.

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