Buenos Aires Street Art | Blu

Buenos Aires Street Art | Blu

Blu isn’t based in Buenos Aires, but he has created what could be argued to be the most important mural in the entire city.

Blu’s contribution to the Buenos Aires street art scene is undeniable. A couple times I’ve talked about my passion for street art, and they have brought up this piece. It’s what great street art does: it makes you think, but at the same time you are awed by the artistic ingenuity.

Blu flew into the international street art scene, in large part because of the previous video. It took him almost an entire year between painting, and editing it in order to complete. The majority of it was done here in Buenos Aires, where liberal laws on street art allow for such a project to be undertaken, without pesky run ins with the law.

He’s traveled the world, leaving his mark in some very high profile places. His controversial work in Los Angeles, painting army coffins wrapped in dollar bills on the side of the LA Museum of Contempoary Art, only lasted a single day.

The above video, of him painting in Berlin, shows the scale, and no-holds-barred attitude that Blu takes to his work. It’s large, it’s often political, and it’s meant to make you think.

Graffiti Buenos Aires Blu

So? Thoughts?

Argentina has a complicated history, like much of South America. This has lead Argentina to where it is today, with a government that manipulates, uses propaganda, and disguises its true intentions from the masses. However, when Blu was asked about the controversy over the above piece, he responded that the colours could be changed for any flag’s colours, and it would carry the same meaning.

Graffiti BsAs Blu

Another piece by Blu in Buenos Aires. It’s so big, it’s tough to get a good shot of it.

The previous picture is another grand mural by Blu in Buenos Aires. It’s not as blatantly political as the previous piece, but it does seem to have themes of commercialism and the rat race. It has many people working in a cut out of a man lying down. He’s taking a pill filled with the same little workers inside. As the levels get higher in his body, they’re in a better social standing. Would be interesting to hear Blu’s thoughts on this piece.

One of the things that makes Buenos Aires street art so amazing is the freedom for world-class artists, such as Blu, to ply their trade legally. This has made for a very vibrant, unique, and sometimes controversial scene.

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