Buenos Aires Street Art | Artist Profile of Jaz

Buenos Aires Street Art | Artist Profile of Jaz

Jaz is one of the biggest artists on the Buenos Aires street art scene. Some of his most popular works are a series of animals wrestling. They are symmetrical the majority of the time, and signify soccer hooligans. I personally like the premise, and am excited whenever I find a new piece of his work around town.

I’m not exactly sure what the above animals are, but I like the lack of heads, and instead just a tag by Jaz instead. Could it be headless humans? Not sure.

Same here. Not quite sure. He likes combatative stances for the characters, including sumo wrestling, greco wrestling, or plain boxing.

This is a more “traditional” piece of graffiti. Spray paint, and brighter colours. It was part of an event called “Asado Burners.” Which brought together a bunch of Buenos Aires street artists to enjoy an afternoon of BBQ (asado) and spray painting. Some nice works came out of this on a large wall.

Here the man, the legend, Jaz himself is painting two bulls. This was taken at the Meeting of Styles festival in Buenos Aires. I didn’t want to bother him from painting, but would like to meet him at a future point.

Two bears facing off in one of my favourite of his pieces. This is on the side of a bus terminal in northern Buenos Aires in Villa Crespo.

Two werewolf looking figures ready for battle. This was a collaboration with other artists at the same bus depot in Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires.

There you have it some of my favourite pieces from local Buenos Aires street art scenester, Jaz.

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