Men’s Fashion in Calgary | Better on You Consignment

Men’s Fashion in Calgary | Better on You Consignment

Men’s fashion in Calgary isn’t exactly known the world over.

Calgary’s most famous event, the Calgary Stampede, is mainly what the outside world would picture when they think of Calgary. On the same note, the fashion worn during the Calgary Stampede would be what is most closely associated to our city.

While dressing like a cowboy/cowgirl for ten days can be fun, it definitely is not emblematic as to what Calgarian men wear on a regular basis.

On average Calgarian men dress quite casual on the weekend and evenings, and a business formal style for weekdays.

From my time in Calgary it is my belief that men here want to look their best, but they neither want to overpay for it, nor do they really want to dig into high fashion.

Calgary men want to look good, feel good, and not spend too much time or money doing so.

Here’s where Better on You comes in.

Here's their logo.

Here’s their logo.

I stumbled across Better on You about seven or eight years ago when I was new to the city. I lived on 8 St SW, and Better on You was just six blocks away. I quickly came to realize that the brands I had always seen in magazines, but never had the money to afford were all hanging from their hangers, and proudly displayed on their shelves.

After my first visit there, I wanted to find more men’s consignment shopping in Calgary. Well, I didn’t find anything with quality items.

Better on You has top brands from around the world that are brought to them because their previous owner has decided they no longer fit in their wardrobe. Mandy, the manager, has a discerning eye and only accepts top quality clothes in lightly used shape.

Calgary has a lot of money. This is very apparent. This also makes for great consignment shopping. Why? Because many people will wear clothes for a short period, decide they don’t like them¬†anymore, and sell it at a discount through Better on You.

Canali jacket, D Squared jeans, and a Pal Zileri shirt. All from Better on You.

Canali jacket, D Squared jeans, and a Pal Zileri shirt. All from Better on You.

What can you expect to find there?

Well, I’ve purchased almost half of my wardrobe from that one store. This includes a Canali jacket, Allen Edmonds shoes, D Squared jeans, and a Hugo Boss suit; just to name a few.

What sort of discounts can you expect?

For example, the Hugo Boss suit I purchased for $300. I spent $50 on tailoring, and after a total of $350 I had a suit which looked, felt, and portrays the same as a $1500+ one (because it originally was.)

Hugo Boss Suit, with an Eton shirt. All bought at Better on You.

Hugo Boss Suit, with an Eton shirt. All bought at Better on You. (Beautiful girl not included.)

The trick to great consignment shopping is finding great pieces which mostly fit you, then tightening up, or letting out anything which isn’t quite to your fitting. Having a great tailor is recommended for anybody, but it is an essential piece of the puzzle when consignment shopping.

Have you never shopped at a consignment store before?

Well, on Wednesday July 2nd between 6:30 and 9:30 we are hosting a Men’s Fashion Night at Better on You.

Come on down and check out some great clothes, have some free craft beer, listen to some awesome tunes, and get some styling tips from yours truly. There will be sales on the already amazing prices.

The Poster which summarizes stuff.

The Poster which summarizes stuff.

25% off all suits and select colour ticketed items

15% off the rest of the store.

And this off the already 50%-80% below retail prices which are marked.

Come on by for a beer, and buy a Boss suit. There’s no where better for men’s fashion in Calgary at these prices!

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