Timothy Ferriss Changed My Life

Timothy Ferriss Changed My Life

Timothy Ferriss changed my life.

I’ve never met the man. I’ve never talked with him. In fact, I’ve never had any sort of interaction with him by any form of communication.

So how did Timothy Ferriss change my life?

He wrote the book ‘The Four Hour Workweek’ about six years ago. It became a New York Times bestseller, and sold millions of copies. In it Timothy outlines a plan to leave your current situation, and live the life you truly desire to live.

A major part of the book outlined how to setup an online business that would allow you the income to do whatever you want, after only a year of start up time. He used the example of an online supplements supply website. The idea being that if you set up your online business correctly, you only need minimal time (4 hours) to manage it a week. Thus giving you the freedom to explore your interests and dreams.

I quickly realized, that my current job, as a day trader, allowed me the freedom to do exactly what he was talking about, without setting up my own online business. I already had my own online business: day trading.

So once you have the income source to do what you want, he went about challenging perceptions of how much money you need to live a rock star lifestyle. By living in countries that provide good value, while earning money in a country with a strong currency, you can create an arbitrage situation benefiting from your new-found freedom.

Timothy Ferriss called this ‘geo-arbitraging.’

He outlined this concept by displaying his life in Buenos Aires (where he wrote much of the book.) In 2007, when he was writing ‘The Four Hour Workweek,’ Buenos Aires was an extremely cheap city by international standards (not so much anymore.) In the book, he writes about his amazing apartment, the electric party scene, and his goals of learning Spanish and tango.

All of this intrigued me. I wanted to live like Timothy Ferriss.

When I read his book, I wasn’t in the situation to be able to start living like him. However, my way of thinking had been permanently changed. My previously held conceptions had been shattered. The world was now a playground, where bringing my work with me, and saving money while doing so was a possibility.

It took me three years from the time of reading ‘The Four Hour Workweek’ in order to start living what I had read and conceptualized. Timothy’s life was the model for my trip to Medellin, Colombia. Just substitute salsa for tango.

I know many of you wonder how and why I do what I do. If you truly want to understand, you’ll need to read the book.

Timothy Ferriss has changed many lives through what he has written. I owe my current lifestyle, in no small way, to him. I hope one day to have a drink with him at a tango milongra while speaking Spanish. Timothy, if this intrigues you, the drink’s on me. It’s the least I can do.

Salud Timothy!

Salud Timothy!

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