Marcello Arrambide and The Day Trading Academy Review

Marcello Arrambide and The Day Trading Academy Review

This is my official  The Day Trading Academy Review and my experience with Marcello Arrambide.

I have been travelling and day trading for the last year and a half. I owe my freedom to day trading. Before I left Canada to go to Colombia I Googled ‘Travelling Day Trader’, and Marcello Arrambide’s travel site came up,

I followed his travels, and read the majority of his blog posts. When he updated his site to say that he was coming to Medellin, I immediately contacted him to see if we could meet up.

Marcello’s a huge sushi fan, so we decided to go to the 2-for-1 sushi at Sushi Light on a Tuesday  night.

I met Marcello at his apartment, and we shared a cab to the restaurant. I was immediately impressed by Marcello, and his trading knowledge.

We kept in contact, and decided that Carnaval in Barranquilla had to happen. We rented an apartment there that would allow us to day trade, while taking in the festivities of Colombia’s Carnaval.

While in Barranquilla we had plenty of time to share strategies and talk about trading. I saw more potential in his strategy than what I was currently doing, so I decided to start training with Marcello at The Day Trading Academy.

The same drive, passion, and friendliness that I saw while with Marcello transpires throughout The Day Trading Academy. I have never seen someone so driven to help people learn the topic he’s mastered.

The Day Trading Academy reviews the market with live classes and review classes and he has a gift to explain the market in terms that aren’t pretentious. The way he speaks allows people with little to no financial background to understand the topic. What he wants is not for himself to sound important – he wants the student to learn.

When I originally learned how to trade it was from two great guys, but they weren’t traders. They showed us how the market moves, and what to look for in trade setups, but they had never been profitable themselves.

This is one of the main differences between The Day Trading Academy and anyone else.  Marcello not only knows how to trade, he’s done it for over ten years (and he’s only 29!) and has enough money that teaching people is a new challenge for him, not a necessary income source.

How many teachers do you know who teach people because they are passionate about the subject, and want people to succeed in it? Can you picture what that type of teacher would be like?

Marcello’s vision and drive with The Day Trading Academy is what has made my experience such a positive one. I see that he is not happy with being stagnant. He is continuously trying to develop new trade setups, and push his online Day Trading Academy to be so much bigger than it already is.

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