Street Art, Wine, Mountain Biking | Next Few Months of my Day Trading Lifestyle

Street Art, Wine, Mountain Biking | Next Few Months of my Day Trading Lifestyle

The next few months in my day trading lifestyle are going to be very exciting. I am frequently asked by friends back home “So . . . where are you right now?” or “It’s been a few months, what part of the world are you in now?”

These are reasonable questions. I travel a lot. I post updates from Canada one week, Argentina the next, then London a couple weeks later. So I am taking this opportunity to explain some of my plans.

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Enjoying the nice July Canadian weather with my friend Keegan.

My own family many times don’t even know where I am. Heck, when I leave on my trips I often don’t know where I will be going after the first couple of weeks.

The next few months, however, are pretty well laid out, and I’m very excited for them.

For the rest of February I will be living in Buenos Aires, a city that I have truly fallen in love with, and will be running street art tours for a friend of mine who is back in England until the end of the month.

The most controversial and in my opinion best piece of street art in Argentina by world-famous Blu.

The most controversial, and in my opinion best, piece of street art in Argentina by world-famous Blu.

I’m excited for this opportunity, and have really enjoyed leading the tours so far. Leading the tours has given me a much deeper appreciation and knowledge of the Buenos Aires street art scene. I’ve had the good fortune to meet many of the artists, and I have been studying their works and styles intensively in order to be qualified to lead the high quality tours that Matt offers through Buenos Aires Street Art.

At the end of February I will be taking my leave from this amazing city, Buenos Aires, and will be heading towards Santiago, Chile in order to take a flight back to Colombia. Along the way I plan on stopping in Mendoza to drink some of the famous Argentinean wine. It’ll be a great time of year to be there, since harvest will be under way.

After I recover from my red wine hangover, I’ll be on my way over the Andes by bus. The world’s tallest mountain outside of the Himalayas, Acanagua, is just west of Mendoza. I look forward to seeing this monster for myself.

After crossing the Himalayas I’ll be in my 18th country, Chile. I plan on taking a tonne of photos of the street art in Valparaiso before heading to Chile’s capital, Santiago. Valparaiso has one of the continents most famous street art scenes, and I want to see some of the great works for myself.

From Santiago I’ll be flying to Santa Marta, Colombia to begin my next adventure.

I was invited by a good friend of mine, Tom Wilkinson, to help him with guiding and sales for his Colombian mountain bike tour company on the Caribbean coast.

I’ve already booked my apartment, and for $300/month I will have a view of the Caribbean from my hammock on my balcony. I know, tough life. You’ll have to come visit.

My view of the Caribbean should look something like this. . .

My view of the Caribbean should look something like this. . .

All the while, I’ll still be day trading.

One of the great things about a day trading lifestyle is that you can take your job with you wherever you are in the world. What I’ve chosen to do is live in countries that cost much less than Canada, and to learn about things that interest me while I’m there.

This has allowed me to study Spanish for the last 15 months, salsa in Colombia, and tango and street art in Argentina. It also gives me the freedom to do things I love, and help people out along the way. My friend Tom asked me for some help with his mountain bike company. I love mountain biking, and Colombia; so I decided it was a great opportunity to head back to Colombia and help him out.

This is the freedom I have been fortunate enough to take advantage of through day trading.

If you’re interested in another travelling day trader, check out my good friend, and inspiration the Wandering Trader, Marcello Arrambide.

If you think the day trading lifestyle is for you, Marcello runs great day trading courses online. Check them out.

Marcello and I on Rio's Famous Stairs.

Marcello and I on Rio’s Famous Stairs.

Signing out so I can go enjoy my pool in beautiful Buenos Aires.

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