Day Trading in Brazil: Things Don’t Always Go As Planned.

Day Trading in Brazil: Things Don’t Always Go As Planned.

Believe it or not, I don’t facilitate all of my traveling through professional travel writing.  This may seem hard to believe, and you may be asking “but Brice, if you can’t make a living travel writing, who can?”  That’s a fair question, and I’d like to ask the gods that be the same question.

However, all comes with due time, and when you read my articles about Colombian travel in the New York Times, then I’ll have made it as a travel writer.  Until that day, I guess I’ll need to keep my day job: day trading stocks.

This is where my job takes me: Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro.

Last month I took a quick trip to Brazil to protege under a fellow trader that I have a lot of respect for, Marcello Arrambide, also known as The Wandering Trader.  I went to have the chance to sit next to Marcello, while day trading in Brazil, and learn from his every move.  I learned a lot.

The hustle, drive, aspirations, and goals that Marcello has are nearly unmatched.  He sets to something, and then sets about getting it done.  Very few people are like this.  Marcello showed me what it takes to build a successful trading empire, one of the top travel blogs in the world, and balance an amazing lifestyle.  This was the biggest thing that I took away from my month in Brazil with Marcello.

Marcello and I pretending to be Snoop Dogg and Pharrell in the video: Beautiful.

One thing that didn’t go as planned, however, was a successful month of trading for myself.  While day trading in Brazil had its advantages, namely a view to die for and a nightlife that is unmatched, it was not fruitful.  Losing, unfortunately, is sometimes part of the game.  I’ve been day trading for the last six years, and in those six years I’ve had losing months.

They suck.  No one likes to lose.  Thankfully, they’re not frequent, and they have never been big enough to bust me.  If this were the case, I’d be at an office job somewhere in Canada, and you wouldn’t have the good fortune to read my musings about Colombia.

A life motto of mine.

Before I left Canada to come to Colombia I was nervous.  It was an unknown adventure.  My life by all accounts was amazing in Canada, and I was leaving it all for an undetermined amount of time to come and explore Colombia.  I didn’t know what I’d find here, or where this adventure would take me.  Day trading is similar; no matter where you are trading, or for how long you have been trading for, every day there’s an unknown.

Taking the plunge into this unknown, however, has been my livelihood for the majority of my adult life.  It has facilitated living and working in amazing places that many people only dream of visiting.  Day trading isn’t perfect, and it’s definitely not for everyone, but I love it and the freedom that it brings.

 Hang gliding over Rio.





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