Day Trading in Argentina

Day Trading in Argentina

The beauty of day trading is that it allows you to work anywhere in the world. I’ve chosen to be day trading in Argentina for the last couple of months. When I first arrived, I had many semi-unresolved things going on back home. It was weighing heavily on me, and my mind and heart were still in Canada, even though I was physically in Argentina.

This separation of heart, mind, and body were causing problems for my day trading in Argentina. I couldn’t properly focus on my life here, while so much of me was still in Canada. I had many near sleepless nights, back and forth messages and phone calls to Canada, all while feeling very alone.

Back at home I had a support network. I have so many great friends, and they were helping me along. I was far from being OK, but with their love and support, it was so much easier.

Here in Argentina, I had no support network. I was alone to deal with my problems.

I say all of this, because as a day trader my mentality is my most important asset to making money. If my mind isn’t in the game, I’m not going to make money; or worse, I’m going to lose money. This was the case when I arrived in Argentina. My trading was suffering because of my lack of focus.

I was in such a poor mental state, that I was actually considering going home and getting an office job.

An office job back home is not what I want, but my poor mental self-talk was driving me towards that life. The mind is a powerful thing, and if it is not cared for, it will turn against you. When you’re a day trader, this means that you will not be successful.

Then one day my mentality changed. I snapped out of it. I took care of what had needed to be taken care of, and suddenly I was in a good mental state again. Guess what? So did my profits. Literally overnight I went from a break-even month, to a successful month. Literally. Over. Night.

The changes were remarkable, and it came at just the right time. My life here depends on me being able to be profitable. If my day trading in Argentina is not profitable, I need to go home. This is not an option. I go home when I want to go home. Not when my money runs out.

Day traders are human; as much as others will try to tell you the contrary. We have lives outside of our profession (a very cool profession might I add.) With our profession, however, we don’t get a pay-cheque if we don’t preform. In most professions your performance will change depending on your mental state. However, it is a rare form of work where your entire livelihood is on the line. This is day trading.

I love what I do. It’s an amazing place to be in. I live where I want, when I want. Few people have this opportunity. I’ve been able to see so much of the world, and learn so much. I love the challenge that day trading brings, but the huge amount of flexibility is the biggest job perk. Keep your head in the game, and it can be very lucrative. Interested in learning how to do what I do? Check us out at The Online Trading Academy.

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  1. Pete M
    November 30, 2012 at 3:43 pm

    Glad you got over your hump – well done!

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