Day Trading Brazil. I Love This Life.

Day Trading Brazil.  I Love This Life.

So I have received requests to write a bit more about how I sustain this amazing lifestyle of mine.  I’ve taken the amazing opportunity to travel the world, learn new and amazing things, and all the while sustain myself with only my computer and the skill of day trading.  This is an amazing opportunity, and I realize that I’m incredibly lucky to be living the way I am while day trading in Brazil!

The View from my Day Trading Brazil office.

However, I’m a true believer that luck doesn’t just happen, you facilitate it and work at making it happen.  Yes you get some breaks along the way, but when people think of me as “lucky” many don’t see the risks I’ve taken along the way to become lucky. They don’t see that I chose to take a job right out of university that promised me no pay, that told me I was most likely going to fail, all the while having about $1500 to my name. They don’t see that I quit a job that was paying me, and treating me very well, just so I could pursue traveling while day trading.  They don’t see that every day that I trade, I could literally lose every penny that I’ve ever made.  Am I lucky? Yes. Have I worked towards my “luck”? Yes. Would I change anything about the life I’ve chosen?  No.

Which country am I in?

I take my computer in my luggage and can make a living from wherever I land, as long as it has a reliable internet connection.  This is amazing.  I’m currently in Rio de Janeiro working with my good buddy Marcello (The Wandering Trader).

My Brazilian Office.

It’s amazing how life works sometimes.  Before I left Canada I Googled “Traveling Day Trader”, Marcello’s website came up as number one.  I knew there had to be someone out there travelling the world while trading stocks.  Marcello has embraced this lifestyle to the full extent.


Look who’s welcoming me to Brazil?!?

One part of his site has “Last  Siting” which tells the readers where Marcello is trading from at that given moment.  In January I saw that he was in Medellin, Colombia.  I wrote him a quick e-mail saying that I’m a fellow traveling trader, and if he had the time I’d like to meet up with him.  He got back to me in about 5 minutes and told me he’d be happy to meet a fellow “wandering trader.”

Marcello after losing a foam battle at Carnaval de Barranquilla.

Well the two of us have very similar goals for our lifestyle and profession.  We planned a trip to Carnaval de Barranquilla together.  While in Barranquilla we decided that we should collaborate more often.  This turned into my unplanned trip to Brazil to work with Marcello, the Wandering Trader.  It’s our plan to create some more “luck” in the future.  I like our chances.

Abraços (I’m in Brazil.)


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