Day in My Life: Noon – 5pm

Welcome back!  I’ve been blown away by the success of the blog and all of the positive comments so far.  I’ve also enjoyed receiving my first heckler on, where I posted a link for my blog. Matt Smith said, and I quote “Ah just what’s needed another Medellin blog from some wanker who thinks he’s special just for being in Medellin and has been here for 2 weeks and knows everything!”  Thanks Matt for being my first detractor.  I’m sure you won’t be the last.  Well without further ado, here’s my day from Noon-5:00pm.  And remember: Don’t Hate. Emulate.


Nothing exciting here.  Just commuting between my Spanish lessons, home, and then the pool for a swim.  I guess even soon to be famous bloggers have to commute.


The amazing outdoor Olympic pool in Estadio, Medellin.

Medellin is blessed with world-class public facilities for sport.  Only 1km from my house is a sporting facility where they have two Olympic sized outdoor pools, along with a dive tank, a water-polo pool, and a few other pools for various uses. (My American readers can learn to convert it into miles. Here’s a link: welcome to the rest of the world 😉 )  I never thought that I would start swimming, but I have found that I quite enjoy it here.  It helps that it is free, I get a tan, and it’s a great workout.  I also love the fact that it’s outside, where I can enjoy some of the fantastic views that Medellin has to offer, the mountains of course.


Just walking from the pool to my fav restaurant.  Here’s another example of the fantastic public art here in Medellin.  This piece is on the side of the Estadio Metro station.


Stopping to buy some avocados from a friendly street vendor.  Here I am stumbling along with my Spanish.  The guy is probably thinking “Eso gringo alto es loco.  Que es el diciendo?”  “This tall white boy is crazy.  What is he saying?”


I worked up an appetite swimming.  Time to fill that void at my favourite restaurant, Le Petit.  The chefs, Paula Andrea Cardona, and Jorge Issac Prada serve a fantastic lunch every time here.  The soups they create are out of this world, the juice is always fresh, the meat is always a great cut, and they have the best salad dressing this side of Thousand Island.  To top it off, it’s always served with a smile, they are not just for the photo.  Like I said in an earlier post, the people here are amazingly friendly.  If you’re in Medellin and want to try it for yourself, here’s the address: Calle 42 No. 71-14 in Laureles.  You won’t be disappointed.  If you are, please deposit your complaints in one of the many trash bins that are on every street corner.



Time to work again.  I know my hours are strenuous, but I need to make a living somehow, and for some reason I have chose to stay away from the world of sexual trade.  I feel like the world of stock trading is a better option, at least for now.  Let me know if you want to know more about my work.  I am happy to share my experiences.  Also, if you see the links to the right, my friends write great articles about trading as well.  For some reason these beautiful people have also stayed away from the sex trade and decided to use their intelligence.  Strange, I know.



After a strenuous hour of work I need to relax.  Time for my coffee break at my favorite cafe: Cafe Vallejo.  Like I had mentioned in a previous post, the people here are amazingly warm and friendly.  The owners of Vallejo exemplify this perfectly.  Each day I’m welcomed with a big smile, a “hola Brice! Como estas?” and a delicious coffee.  Perfecto.



Believe it or not, my coffee time isn’t just to enjoy my favourite drug (caffeine) and relax.  No, I use this time to study Spanish as well.  Currently I have two copies of El Amor en Los Tiempos del Colera, or Love in the Time of Cholera.  One in Spanish and one in English.  It helps my vocabulary and reading comprehension.  On top of that, it’s fun to read a Nobel Prize winning novel in its original language.  Maybe one day I’ll win a Nobel Prize for this weblog.  One day.  Or not.

Well we’ve come to the end of another fabulous (at least I think so) post here at Traveling to Colombia. I promise to keep on writing to the best of my abilities.  (Insert cheesy announcer voice here.) What will the evening of this “Day in the Life of Brice in Colombia” bring?  Will the FARC raid his house and kidnap him?  Will he be the target of an assassination attempt by a sicario?  Or is it possible that he’ll not only live, but enjoy his evening?  I guess no one will know, that is until tomorrow’s post.  Until then, stay safe and have fun.

And there you have it: a day in my life from noon to 5pm.  Stay posted for Day in My Life: 5pm – Midnightish.


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