Day in my Life: 5:00 – Midnightish


It’s been a rough day.  I need a siesta before the night ahead.  I love siestas.


Time for some fuel before my free salsa lessons.  Mmmmm . . . street food.  I love eating on the street wherever I am travelling.  No different here.  Tonight’s specialty is BBQ’d ribs with potatoes and salad.  D-licious.  Oh, and since Medellin’s tap water is as good as anywhere there’s never a problem with worrying what you can, and can not eat.  Point: Medellin.



My weekly free salsa classes at the best hostel in Medellin: The Wandering Paisa.  If you need a place to stay when coming through, check it out.  Friendly staff, inexpensive bar, free activities, and great location.  By the way, all of my plugs on here are completely on my own accord, and I’m not getting paid for them.  I just believe in the businesses and the people who run them.

Let’s Dance.


Yes, I know I look effeminate in this picture, but I also find it funny.  Ana, on the other hand, the fantastic teacher of the class has her pose nailed.  Apparently I need to work on mine, including adding a spandex dance suit.  Might take more practice than my weekly lessons.  Good thing I have time.


The reason why Thursday is one of my favourite days is because of all the dancing involved.  After the dance class most of the time many from the class head out to Eslabon in El Centro to listen to and dance to some great live salsa.
10:00pm-I pass out


A couple of us share a cab to Eslabon.  It’s only about 10 minutes away.  The area where Eslabon is located is a bit of a dodgy area at night.  The block immediately around Eslabon is pretty safe, but I’ve never walked further than a block away at night, nor would I want to.  In this area you can tell you’re definitely not in Kansas (or Calgary) anymore.  For example, on this particular night there was a delirious homeless man, with a weird hat on, no pants, and sniffing glue.  There are some other examples, but I don’t want to focus on them. We’re here to dance and listen to the music.  Game on.
A short video of the talent on hand any given Tuesday at Eslabon, both the dancers and the musicians.  I always have a great time at this bar.  It’s always jam packed, and if you dance even the slightest you will be sweating harder than OJ under oath.  I will go into more detail in a future post on the salsa here in Medellin.  Two of my favourite bars are salsa bars.  I love live music, and it’s hard to find anything other than salsa or mariachi live here. Possible, but hard.
So how much does a day in my life cost?  Here’s a breakdown from beginning to end:
Item                                                                                                          Today’s Cost in Dollars
One Night’s worth of Rent at my Apartment                                                          $8.00
Eggs                                                                                                                    $0.70
Avocado                                                                                                              $0.80
Export Worthy Coffee                                                                                          $0.20
Bus To and From Spanish Lessons                                                                       $1.50
2 hrs of Private Spanish Lessons                                                                         $19.00
Swimming                                                                                                             Free
Fantastic Lunch                                                                                                    $5.00
Fancy Iced Coffee                                                                                               $2.00
Street Meat Dinner                                                                                               $4.75
2 Hrs of Salsa Lessons                                                                                         Free
Roundtrip Cab to Bar                                                                                          $5.00
Cover Charge for Bar                                                                                          $4.50
Grand Total                                                                                                        $51.45
There you have it.  A detailed account, complete with pictures, a video, and a cost breakdown of my life here in Medellin.  Keep in mind that you could (and most do) live a much cheaper life here.  I eat out frequently, and enjoy partying.  Notice the lack of alcohol in the breakdown.  This week is a dry week for me.  I know, crazier than Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs.  However, for your info a full night of drinking domestic beer or rum here in Medellin usually runs about $20 for me, give or take.
There you have it: a complete day in my life.  Hope you enjoyed.


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