Medellin Ciclovia: A Sunday Tradition

Cycling in Medellin on any given Sunday is quite an amazing thing to behold.  They shut down essentially a quarter of the major roadways in the city, including two freeways, and only allow human-powered activities on these roads.  They call it Ciclovia  I can’t help but think that people back home may picture Colombia as a backwards third world country, but imagine if this was tried in a North American city (other than Portland)!  I could just see it in Calgary: “you want to shut down half of the Deerfoot for cyclists?  You want to do this every Sunday?!?  You’ve lost your mind.”  Colombia = Progressive.


Miles, my partner in crime for the day.  He’s one half of the dynamic duo that owns The Wandering Paisa hostel.  We had such a great time on our cycling this Sunday, that we planned on making it a weekly occurrence.   Someone to ride with here.  Sweet.


So near the end of the Medellin Ciclovia we came across this advertisement.  I know that cycling in Medellin is extremely freeing, but I don’t really know what they’re trying to get across in this ad.

The two of us proudly standing in the town square of Caldas.


We reached our destination for the day, a town called Caldas, just south of Medellin.  The road leading to Caldas was great fun.  Rollers through beautiful green countryside, with breathtaking views on all sides.  When we arrived in Caldas Miles returned a portion of the Colombian hospitality by helping this guy get some more air in his tire.


Horses, or en espanol: caballos at the side of the street.  I commonly get this word mixed up with another.  Later in the day I was talking with a friend when I told her “Mi amigo puede montar cebollas muy bien.”  Or “my friend can ride onions really well.”  Made for a good laugh.  Although I’ve learned plenty of Spanish in my four months here, I still stumble constantly.  Part of the fun.  At least it was just a pothole in the language, and not some of the frighteningly large potholes on the road.


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