Colombian Coffee Zone Cycling Tour: Day 4

Colombian Coffee Zone Cycling Tour: Day 4

The Colombian Coffee Zone Cycling Tour has entered its fourth day, and I’m proud to say we’re all alive.  We’ve ridden hard for four days through some of the most beautiful and challenging terrain the world has to offer.  Today’s ride was planned to be a short, easy, and painless ride.  Sometimes plans change.  Sometimes weather changes your plans. Flexibility is a necessity when cycle touring.  Preferably yogic-like flexibility.  If this is not possible, then flexibility in plans can be a substitute.

A beautiful river in the valley outside of Salento.

Day four of the Colombian Coffee Zone Cycling Tour turned into a challenging day.  Our planned route took us from Pereira to Salento, only 38kms long.  What the day lacked in distance, it made up for in a steady climb, with a few undulations, and a steep finish into Salento.  Add on a serious downpour in the middle, and it had it’s trials.  It wasn’t near as challenging as the first three days, but it wasn’t a Sunday stroll with your grandmother either.  Unless, of course, your grandma is into epic rides.  Then your grandma rocks, and I want to ride with her.

Apparently in this town, someone’s grandma rips.

One of my favourite parts of the day was the descent into the valley just before Salento.  It’s as curvy as a Colombian drug dealer’s girlfriend after surgery, and probably more fun too.  Flying through curves that are covered by a thick canopy, with a great post-rain smell, and the knowledge that you worked hard all day for this experience is truly spectacular.  And to top it all off, we found a giant cow in the valley bottom . . .

We have no clue why this is here.

Totals for Day 4 of the Colombian Coffee Zone Cycling Tour


-1000 vertical metres of climbing

-400 vertical metres of descending

 -Day’s route here.



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